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LG AKB75055701 original remote control

Price: 18.7 €

+ Delivery cost: 5.9 €


LG original remote control. For models: 32LF5850, 32LF585B-DE, 32LF585B-SE, 32LF585D, 32LF585D-DE, 42LF5850, 42LF5850-DE, 42LF5850-SE, 42LF585T, 42LF585T-DE, 55LF5850, 55LF5850-SE, 60LB5800, 60LF5850, 60LF5850-SE

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For models

24LF4820 24LF4820173BU 24LH4830 32LF595B 32LH550B-UA 32LH570B-UC 32LH573B-UA 43LF5900 43LH5500-UA 43LH5700-UD 43LH570A-UE 43UF6400-UA 43UF6430-UB 43UF6800-UA 43UF6900-UC 43UF7300-UT 49LH5700-UD 49LH570A-UE 49UF6400-UA 49UF6430-UB 49UF6490-UB 49UF6800-UA 49UF6900-UC 49UF7300-UT 50LH5730-UA 55LH5750-UB 55LH575A-UE 55UF6430-UB 55UF6450-UA 55UF6790-UB 55UF6800-UA 55UF7300-UT 60UF7300-UT 65UF6450-UA 65UF6490-UA 65UF6790-UB 65UF6800-UA 65UF7300-UT 70UF7300-UT

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LG AKB75055701 original remote control

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LG AKB75055701 original remote control
Price per piece: 18.7 €

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