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JVC RM-C1280, RMC1280 replacement remote control copy

Price: 8.8 €

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Replacement remote control for JVC

Product Details

For model TV: AV-2184VE, AV-21CS24, AV-21CX14, AV-21DX14, AV-21LX14, AV-21VS24, AV-21VX14, AV-21VX54, AV-21VX74, AV-21WS24, AV-21WX14, AV-21YX14, AV-2584VE, AV-25LS24, AV-25LX14, AV-25VS24, AV-25VX54, AV-2984VE, AV-29LS24, AV-29LX14, AV-29VS24, AV-29VX54, AV-29VX74, AV-29WX14, AV-29WX24, AV2184VE, AV21CS24, AV21CX14, AV21DX14, AV21LX14, AV21VS24, AV21VX14, AV21VX54, AV21VX74, AV21WS24, AV21WX14, AV21YX14, AV2584VE, AV25LS24, AV25LX14, AV25VS24, AV25VX54, AV2984VE, AV29LS24, AV29LX14, AV29VS24, AV29VX54, AV29VX74, AV29WX14, AV29WX24,

This replacement remote control is subtitut for: RM530F, RMC1280, RMC1280-2H, RMC1281-2H, RM-C1261, RM-C1303, RM-C1311, RM-416, RM-C423, RM-C547, RM-C548, RM-C549, RM-C565, RM-C567, RM-C348, RM-C498, RM-C439, RM-C547, RM-C459, RM-C462, RM-C463, RM-C530, RM-C477, RM-530F, RM-C1280, RM-C1280-2H, RM-C1281-2H, RMC1261, RMC1303, RMC1311, RM416, RMC423, RMC547, RMC548, RMC549, RMC565, RMC567, RMC348, RMC498, RMC439, RMC547, RMC459, RMC462, RMC463, RMC530, RMC477

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JVC RM-C1280, RMC1280 replacement remote control copy

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JVC RM-C1280, RMC1280 replacement remote control copy
Price per piece: 8.8 €

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