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3 most common mistakes when you buying a remote control

We recommend you to read this short article before buying any remote control. Avoid a lot of problems which can ruin your day.

Yes its true. You just say remote control its so obvious thing that you don’t need to think about it. I’m gonna buy it in supermarket and you not to have a worries. Unfortunately by this step your worries just getting started.

We are selling remote control over seven years via internet and in our store more, longer than seven years. So we are getting a problems which we are happy to share with you. Before it’s gonna be too late. Let’s take a look at the most common myths about remote controls.


1. The same brand is enough …

typ-ovladaceRemote control have one big disadvantage. Usually working only on devices for which it was made. The same thing is applies for remote controls with same brand. So if you will buy a television for example Samsung and your friend will buy Samsung too, his remote control do not have to work with your television. A lot of people make mistake at this point. For some people can seems it silly but it’s true.


We always recommend as first to do find out accurate model of your devices or original remote control. Avoid stress and problems.


Original remote control has usually sign on the front side (upside or downside of buttons).


2.Universal remote control is for everything …

Another thing that some of you probably disappoint. There is no universal remote control that would work on all devices.

We are getting daily many emails from customers with requests that we should send them code to universal remote control X for making him working on devices Y. Usually customer buys universal remote control in supermarket or in big eshop where he see on the package of control something like a “Universal remote control for Thomson, Phillips, Panasonic etc.”

modelIn believing that you find what you need and you really buy it, its unfortunately bad choice. In supermarkets or big eshops are not usually workers which are specialized for this problems. They are just trying to sell it to you!

At home, than you will find out that in the list of code for setting your remote control your device is missing. You are trying set some code in hope that your remote control will work with television. After few minutes of desperate pushing buttons you are losing your patience. You just gonna try some advices from other people on internet. For someone remote control work for someone don’t. With this “universal remote controls” it’s so various.

One universal remote control is sold for many years because it contains a lot of models and developers hoping to sell a lot of them thanks to their universality. Disadvantage is that developers of televisions, satellites and others proceed with development more, faster and they change the functionality of remote controls. Older remote controls are outdated and can’t contain for example television which was made before year, because remote control is on the market for five years. During time has been changed a lot.

It’s so important to see with which models, can remote control work and how long is on the market. If you have an older devices it’s likely that you will find the correct code and remote control will work. With new models we recommended to forget about universal remote control and we prefer to pay extra fee for original remote control. Alternatively you can buy a replica which is designed for your device and it’s cheaper.

3. Looks like mine, so he will work…

rm-ed011-wUnfotunately appearance can’t help you when you choosing correct remote control. Many brands belongs one owner and remote control appearance may be the same even if the functions are different. Sometimes the difference is in the number of buttons or description. Again helps to know what model or device remote control own, and relying just on this information.

Often exist remote control which looks like different than originals but they work same. But this controls must have written in description which type of remote control replace. In our database we have plenty of remote controls like them. We tested and we know that it will work. Placement of the buttons may be different, but the functions are the same like with original remote controls.

Some of the original remote controls for devices with more features works on devices with fewer features. On control is more buttons than on your original control.

This option is appreciated by many customers in cases when it was not fetch the exact same original remote control. We recommended that customer should buy a remote control from the higher ranks of the devices and that it has a few extra buttons, which doesn’t hurt anybody.

A suitable substitute can also be a remote control in another color variant. Many devices are produced in black and white. Remote controls in these variants are usually identical and different only in color. For remote control is color code shows only with one letter (W - white). If you are looking for the remote control and you find the exact same as your original (in appearance and Code list) but the difference is only in letters and colors, you can be sure that it will work. All depends now if you don’t have a problem with white color.

Picture on the right side – replica of original RM-ED011(W) in white and black appearance.


Conclusions and recommendations

Now you know which the most common mistakes to avoid when you choosing a remote control.

  1. Find out the exact brand and model of your remote control or device.
  2. Beware on “Universal remote control” which promise “universality”
  3. Don’t rely on appearance of remote controls, sometimes it’s not good idea.

We are recommend you, in case of any doubts or questions contact the experts which in this area moving for some time. Just they know what is best for you and is the cheapest variant for you.

Sometimes it may seem that the remote control would not find and there is so many that you don’t wanted to spend your money. The easiest option is write an email to us or pick up the phone and call us. For those who have this live field may be seemingly difficult problem easily solved :)


This article was prepared by EMERX team Ltd.

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